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President Biden started meeting PM Modi leaving everyone, Anupam Kher said this

prime ministe modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Munich, Germany to attend the 48th summit of the G-7. A lot of pictures and videos of the summit are going viral on social media. Meanwhile, a video of the summit has been shared by film actor Anupam Kher on his Instagram, in which US President Biden (Joe Biden) is seen happily going ahead to meet PM Modi. At the same time, PM Modi is also seen meeting Biden with the same warmth.
PM Modi is seen in the video, shaking hands with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, when Joe Biden sees PM Modi and comes to meet him. Biden puts his hand on PM Modis shoulder and becomes happy as soon as PM Modi turns around and sees him. After that PM Modi and Joe Biden happily shake hands with each other and hold each others hands for a long time.
Sharing this video, Anupam Kher wrote, Biden bhai likes Modi Ji! How much love went to meet! #India #America is giving a lot of love to this post of Anupam Kher. This video of the actor is going viral on social media.
Before this post, Anupam Kher shared a throwback picture on his Insta which became quite viral on social media. In this picture, Anupam Kher is seen with late actor Rishi Kapoor and late filmmaker Yash Chopra.

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