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This year marks the completion of 25 years of Arena Animation as a leader in vocational training. It is a significant milestone not just in view of the outstanding accomplishments along the way, but also considering the lives touched in the past two and a half decades.

As the nation enters the 75th year of its independence, it is heartening to note that Arena Animation has spent a third of this time shaping the careers of the youth with our career-oriented and skill-building courses. Therefore, contributing immensely in nation-building. Even as India is moving in the direction of “Atmanirbharta”, Arena Animation has steadfastly contributed in this direction by enabling our partners to build and scale their businesses revolving around the strength of Arena Animation. Further, our job-oriented courses have helped scores of youth to secure financial independence. As we continue to march ahead, we intend to strengthen our commitment to our six-edge advantage viz. Creativity, Resilience, Teamwork, Working under deadlines, Presentation Skills, and Industry Interface.

Aptech Limited, a pioneer in the non-formal vocational training business in the country for over 3 decades, established its media & entertainment brand – Arena Animation in the year 1996. Arena Animation today stands tall as a pioneer, trendsetter and a global leader in animation and non-formal academic curriculum-based training programs.

With strong industry connections and affiliations, Arena Animation has been designing academic courses that are relevant, imparting skillsets that make students highly employable. Arena students are placed as Graphic Designers, Web Designers, 2D/3D Animators, 2D/3D Designers, AV Editors, Technical Trainers, 3D Modelers, Multimedia Programmers, Compositors, Visualizers, Content Developers and Pre and Post Production Executives in blue chip animation studios and entertainment companies.


Experience of 25 Years

Trained 4.5 lakh students

Present in 18 countries



We are driven to make you employable. Arena Animation offers industry-relevant courses and is committed to skilling the youth. Arena not only provides our students with technical skills but also empowers them with interpersonal skills, which are mandatory for a good job.

Note: Arena Animation and Onlinevarsity are not universities.

Build creative thinking abilities and problem-solving skills

Bounce back from any adverse situation that may arise at the workplace.

Learn to be a people person, reliable employee and cooperative colleague.

Working under deadlines:
Learn to handle deadline pressures through effective planning.

Presentation skills:
Learn corporate etiquette, effective communication and great presentation skills.

Industry interface:
Get opportunities to interact with international and nationally renowned artists


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